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With an experience of more than 50 years in the production of polythene films, Agripolyane is at the origin of plastic film in France, and owns the famous brand in the field of films dedicated to the construction sector: Polyane®.
Agripolyane’s construction range is mainly composed of three types of films:
Polyane® protection range : corresponds to very low thickness films (from around 45 to 80 µ). This range of films is especially designed to protect the frontage and the surroundings of the construction sites. The film preserves from splashes, avoids an intensive cleaning and the damaging of the previous craftsmen’s work.

Polyane® tightness range : rather corresponds to higher thickness films (from 150 to 300µ). This range of films was designed for different impermeability works in the construction sector. The film preserves the hygiene of the building, avoids the capillary rises and acts as rain-repellent. The film is supple, waterproof, clean and economical. Our Black/Brown Tridall® film was especially developed for under paving. Its brown Terracotta color enables a good visibility when slabs are poured.

Polyane® deflocking range : especially developed for construction sites removing asbestos or all kind of fine versatile particles products.
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