Agripolyane was founded in 1964 in Saint-Chamond, France, by a French petrochemical group eager to develop and promote the use of plastics.

For more than 60 years, Agripolyane has been producing plastic films for the agricultural, building and industrial sectorsMany iconic products were created in the company’s factory, including the famous Polyane®but also the Handy Bag®, stretch films and agricultural films.

Thanks to its long experience and know-how, Agripolyane is the leader on the French market and one of the main companies worldwide in the design and manufacture of greenhouse films. 

Over the years, Agripolyane has been able to expand its international reach to more than 60 countries with a wide distribution.

Agripolyane joined the Plastika Kritis group in 2006, and benefited from shared knowledge, experience, and innovation of each company within the group.  The versatility of the group also allows Agripolyane to benefit from the internally produced raw material and additives (masterbatches), some of which are exclusive to the group, thus ensuring regularity and total control of the design of our finished products.

The above assist Agripolyane to continuously develop and improve its products while at the same time it allows it absolute control of its production providing the company’s customers with products of world-renowned quality.