Agripolyane offers high quality products for various uses.



The purpose of agricultural films is to support and optimise every aspect of the agricultural activity.
Agripolyane has been designing, developing and manufacturing custom-made plastic films for every activity and region since 1954.

Whether through our existing ranges or by creating new products on demand, Agripolyane guarantees to each of its customer a reliable solution specially designed for their location, use and specific needs. 1954.


Our range of industrial plastic films are made to meet every need in flexible packaging: 

Shrink film Protective covers
Surface protection film Packaging film

All films can be adapted to the properties required.

Contact us to find the best solution for your needs. 

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Packaging film Protection film Multipurpose film


Agripolyane owns the most prestigious brand in the construction sector : Polyane®. 

The construction range is made of four types of films : 

 Polyane® Protection : These thin and economical films are used in many cases: painting, rendering, woodworking, industrial cleaning, etc. We provide various widths, qualities and sizes of film.

Polyane® Tightness : These thick (150 to 300µ) and strong films offer an effective waterproof barrier for various applications (protection, under concrete slab, etc.).

Polyane® Tridall® : This specialised film prevents ground moisture from affecting the concrete slab.

Polyane® SP Amiante : These films protect users and their environment during asbestos removalIt works as an actual decontamination airlock.


Polyane® Waterproof barrier Polyane® Protection Polyane® TRIDALL®

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