Recycling & Environment

Agripolyane pays particular attention to its ecological footprint and that of its industry.

As a founding member of the CPA, the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture, Agripolyane has contributed to the creation of a system for collecting and recycling used agricultural plastics based on an eco-contribution (APE). This system has also been duplicated in other European countries. Agripolyane recycles the waste from its own production through an internal regeneration line. This equipment enables the transformation of plastic film offcuts into raw materials that can be incorporated in the production of less technical films (building industry). 

Along with its commitment to collecting and recycling films, Agripolyane has been developing, since the early 2000s, ranges of biodegradable mulch films. These products degrade completely naturally and without external intervention, leaving no residue in the soil. Agripolyane biodegradable mulches are approved for use in « Organic Agriculture » according to the Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament. 

The goal is that 100% of the agricultural films produced by Agripolyane will eventually be collected and recycled.

Agripolyane is a proud member of the PLASTIKA KRITIS group of companies that owns and operates wind parks and photovoltaic stations of significant sizes capable of covering most of the group’s energy needs for production.

Further minimising its carbon footprint is one of Agripolyane’s main future endeavours.

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